Giacomo Giommi - Teamwork & Tradition


by Shelley Svedahl

Day breaks and Giacomo Giommi is already at his Cagli, Italy, office reviewing and assessing the status of his projects and assigning resources for the day. The construction business is tough, but there’s no place Giacomo – known as Gago – would rather work. Gago talking with a crew member.

The Giommi family has been in the construction business for three generations, and Gago has been a part of it for over 12 years. His expertise includes both formal education and knowledge passed down from his father and grandfather. Gago has a degree in geometry.

He needs knowledge and skill to transform a hillside of grass and trees into a home. Reading blueprints, scheduling trades people, and coordinating materials on time and on budget is a challenge. Gago has what it takes and more. 

Gago and the management team work together to carefully monitor each phase of multiple housing projects. Each day, he takes time to talk with crew members on the job site. He wants to know if there are any problems or issues so he can handle them as quickly as possible. He understands that tackling big construction projects demands teamwork and timing as well as attention to detail.

Today he is part owner of Pascucci & Giommi building company. He is focused, self-disciplined, and most importantly, he recognizes that his success is largely dependent on his ability to work as part of a team. Just like the game of soccer, getting the job done is about teamwork.

Six years of experience as a professional soccer player on two Italian teams - Alma Juventus Fano and Palextra Fano - have provided him with a solid foundation in teamwork at its purest form. Italia’s national sport serves Gago well.

At work he attacks projects with the same energy he uses when he plays pivot on the soccer field. He gets involved, digs in, and makes things happen.

Like both his grandparents and his parents, Gago was born in Cagli, so this is the place he calls home. His job isn’t just about building houses – it’s also about building relationships. Gago smiles and nods his head when he meets with crew members.

He lives here. He works here, and he plays here.

Restoration is my favorite type of construction projectGago helps preserve community tradition by serving as one of the five organizers for the Palio dell’ Oca, theannual re-enactment of the medieval-style goose chase. This is his 10th year as a committee member.

He values the traditions of Italian life and is always excited to take on a project to restore buildings in Cagli. “Restoration is my favorite type of construction project,” he says. He likes to convert old buildings to their original state.

Each day is a different day because the projects are constantly evolving. Gago checks in at each job site daily to assess the challenges and troubleshoot any issues. By mobile phone he keeps in touch with other members of the team, suppliers, and clients. Calls are frequent because action is often needed immediately.

Scheduling and monitoring the work is a full-time job. When the rest of the crew goes home, Gago often stays on site to review, assess and schedule work.

“My passion is my work,” he says smiling, adding, “I still play soccer for fun, but I love my job.”

Gago’s life is built around his community and he continues to build on family traditions. It’s the Italian way, and it’s his way.

Pascucci & Giommi Edilizia

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