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Dr. John S. Caputo: Director of the Cagli Project and teaching Intercultural Communication (Professor and Walter Ong, S.J. Scholar, Chair, Master's Program in Communication and Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University) earned his Ph.D. from the Claremont Graduate School and University Center. He has been teaching communication courses for more than 30 years. His areas of expertise include media and social values, communication theory, intercultural and interpersonal communication, communication and culture. He is the author of six books: Dimensions of Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Communicating Effectively: Linking Thought and Expression; Public Speaking Handbook: A Liberal Arts Perspective; Effective Communication Handbook; and McDonaldization Revisited: Critical Essays on Consumer Culture. Dr. Caputo has been honored as a Visiting Scholar In-Residence at the University of Kent at Canterbury, England and the Masters Program in Media and Communication at the Universita de Firenze, Italy. He has been taking student groups to Italy for the past fifteen years and has been part of the Cagli Project since 2002.

Bonnie Brandes

Kristina Morehouse, Storytelling graduated with honors with an MS in Journalism from the University of Kansas, one of the top journalism schools in the country. Her previous degrees include a BS in biology from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Missouri – Kansas City – also with honors. Kristina worked 13 years as a reporter and editor at The Spokesman-Review where she earned several writing awards. Kristina teaches journalism, mass media history, and speech at Gonzaga University in the Communication Arts department. She was a recipient of Faculty of the Year Service Learning Award for her Community Journalism class. She also teaches master's level writing for the MA in Communication and Leadership Studies program at Gonzaga University. Kristina Morehouse has been with the GonzagainCagli project since 2010,

Giovanni Caputo, Italian Language and Translator received his M.A. and B.A. degreed in communication and fine arts from Gonzaga University and did additional graduate studies in education at The Evergreen State College. Aside from teaching in Italy, Giovanni has spent time teaching at various levels in the French public school system. Back in the U.S., he works as a French translator and graphic designer. Giovanni's academic interests include journalism, short story writing and storytelling. In addition to teaching a course on journaling in last year's Cagli program, he was also the editor of the Armagh Examiner and Around Armagh, online news and information blogs created for the program InArmagh 2007. Giovanni has been with the GonzagainCagli project since 2009.

David Maialetti, Photography (C.C. of Philadelphia) is a staff photographer with the Philadelphia Daily News. Before joining the Daily News in 1997, he worked at the Press Enterprise newspaper in Bloomsburg, Pa. Maialetti is the director of Philadelphia Conference, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of photojournalism. He is a former president of the Pennsylvania Press Photographers Association. Currently teaches the Introduction to Photojournalism course at Community College of Philadelphia and is an adjunct at Temple University. He is a 1989 graduate of Temple University's School of Communications. Dave instructed photography for the 2006 Camerano Project as well as the 2007 & 2008 Cagli Project hosted by ieiMedia and has been with the GonzagainCagli project since 2009.

Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz, Web Design (M.A. Communications, West Virginia University, B.S. Computer Science, Ohio University) is the Chief Information Officer and Director of Production for JesuitNET, a consortium of the Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States. She produced one of the first International Teleconferences Bridging the Gap: Education and Industry as part of a High Technology grant in 1989. In the late 1990s, she worked with NASA to produce online courses and communication campaigns for their tech transfer and commercialization project, including a three-part teleconferencing series, Technology Transfer in Action. In her time with the Jesuit colleges, she has helped launch new online programs that span several disciplines. Her passion for storytelling has evolved as technology has evolved — keeping her on the "bleeding" edge.

Ron Irwin

Tullia Barbanti, Translator Session I, came to America in 1958 with dreams of a rewarding career, a large home with eternally sparkling floors and an easier life than post-war Italy offered.

“Getting to Spokane was the easy part. Staying would pose the challenge of a lifetime,” Barbanti writes in her recently released book, Tomatoes Are My Tools.

For more than 50 years, Barbanti has been a beacon of Italian culture in Spokane, teaching Italian language and cooking classes, distributing her own brand of pasta sauce and publishing her first book, Al Dente, a collection of recipes passed down from her mother and grandmother.

This is her first year teaching in the GonzagainCagli project.

Deanna Dannels, Copy Editor and Program Review (Ph.D., University of Utah, 1999) is Professor of Communication, Director of the MS Graduate Program, and Associate Director of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program at North Carolina State University. Her current research explores theoretical and curricular protocols for designing, implementing, and assessing oral communication. She has published widely in areas of composition, teaching and learning, design and engineering education, business and technical communication, and professional identity construction. Her writings focus on new teacher training,teaching and learning of communication, and situated learning. Dr. Dannels has won a number of different teaching and research awards. Most recently, she was a North Carolina State University recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award (2010) and the recipient of the National Council of Teachers of English Best Article on Pedagogy or Curriculum in Technical or Scientific Communication (2009).

Marty Lane

Annagrisel Alvarez, Translator Session II and Program Volunteer, studied Communication and Journalism at Universidad Católica in her native country Ecuador, in 2009. Annagrisel currently resides in the State of Washington. She moved to the United States three years ago and obtained her Masters degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University on 2012. In 2011 while participating in the Cagli program as a student, she felt very connected with the locals, the culture and il sapori d’Italia.

Her passions are dancing, acting and producing short films. Her experiences in Italy have increased her love for traveling, intercultural communication and the European culture.






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