Giovanni Bartoli: His Life, His Style


by Laura Snyder

Giovanni Bartoli believes his life’s purpose has been fulfilled. He was able to quench his thirst for travel and pursue his passions, all while providing for his family.

“As a man, I have had a satisfying life,” Giovanni says. “I had my wife, my sons, my family, and I had a job I loved where I got to see the world.”

Giovanni on his scooter.While many Cagliesi find vocations within their hometown, Giovanni always dreamed of going beyond the city’s limits. Over 35 years, his careers in oil engineering and journalism allowed him to interact with cultures both similar to and different from his own. He fondly reflects on the powerful connection he shared with the people of India while working there many years ago. While engaging with Indian culture, Giovanni learned about himself and what he valued in life, including taking care of his family and working for the greater good of people. From his native Indian coworkers, he adopted a strong work ethic that he has carried with him throughout his career.

He credits his family for supporting his dreams and allowing him to fully experience life. Giovanni’s wife, Mimi, raised their two sons while Giovanni was away, and he always knew he had a home to come back to -- no matter how long he was gone. His mother also played an important role. He attributes her love and support for giving him the courage to leave the only culture he had ever known and travel the world on his own. While he was away, his family and friends continued their lives in Cagli,I have had a sati and when Giovanni returned, they welcomed him with open arms, excited to hear of his travels and happy to have him home again.

Such strong support gave Giovanni the confidence and courage to experience life differently than his friends or family. It also gave him the nerve to disregard naysayers on the road of life. The most important piece of advice Giovanni offers young adults just starting out is to realize there will always be two kinds of people in their lives: the people who are for you and the people who are against you. No matter the path people choose, someone will discourage them. That is why it is so important to follow a path that fulfills their passions and dreams and the happiness of their family.

“That is the only way to have true happiness,” he says.

Giovanni says his mind is like a camera and his memories are photographs that take him back any time he wants to remember the full life he has had. His photographic memories are a part of a “collection” he carries with him at all times. No matter what he is doing, he can reflect on them and return to the days of his travels, reliving those international experiences. They give him peace and happiness, he says.

Giovanni hopes all people -- those in Cagli and the surrounding world -- are lucky enough to have the love of their families while they pursue their passions. When asked about his greatest contribution, Giovanni gets a twinkle in his eye and says simply, “My style.”




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