Paolo Grassi: A man about town

Story by Sherry Janda

For now, Paolo Grassi’s passion is a hobby. One day, he may turn it into more.

Grassi owns and operates the PG Revolution multi-media website, which offers video, television, radio, and online news to the residents of Cagli, Italy. Paolofilms, edits, and archives videos of local sporting events, religious ceremonies, theatrical performances, and festivals in the Cagli area. The website also features "Cagli Alert," a service Googleoffers that instantly sends news or videos about Caglidirectly to the site.

Links connect the site’s visitors to local and network television stations, Radio Cagli, news and weather information, and restaurant guides. They also can find downloadable movies and books, video games, music, and free software. The site also is linked to dozens of popular websites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace, and Yahoo.                                                                                                                                               
Paolo asks that advertisers donate to the site. However, in the past three years, he has received only a few donations. He absorbs the balance of operation costs himself. He also serves as cameraman, radio voice, video editor, website designer, and developer. If something needs repairs, Paolo says he opens a book and figures it out on his own.

Paolo’s commitment to Cagli is clear. He lives and works down the hill and around the corner from the city’s piazza. His sister lives next door. His apartment, which is up three flights of cream-colored, marble stairs, has a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding countryside. The one-bedroom apartment doubles as a production studio. The living room is nearly consumed by computers, speakers, cameras, and other video and production equipment.  In the bedroom, a wall is adorned with VHS videos, CDs and DVDs.    

Paolo spent several decades in broadcasting, which prepared him for his role as a web site developer. He spent 10 years in radio as a director, 10 years as a disc jockey in nightclubs throughout Italy, and six years as owner of a record store.

Some day, Paolo may be able to turn his hobby and passion into a source of income; however, for now, Paolo will continue to serve the community of Cagli with news, information, and entertainment.                            

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Paolo relaxes in piazza.

Paolo relaxes in piazza.

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