The Cagli Project is a hybrid course that combines classroom instruction, field and lab work, aspects of internship, and practicum courses in a setting unfamiliar to the participating students. Students in the Cagli Project are assigned to teams and work to develop an intercultural narrative.The course modules emphasize skill building in: Interviewing, Storytelling, Photography, Intercultural Communication, Journaling, Italian Language and Culture, and Elements of Web Design.

While in the program students have the unique opportunity to interact in a foreign culture and to acquire practical language skills through immersion. The ability to assimilate quickly and recognize another's cultural values are indispensable tools for preparing in a career field where globalization and intercultural communication are increasingly important.At the micro level, students will learn how "to read" another culture on its own terms — thereby eliminating cultural bias. At the macro level, students will be ready to become facilitators in the intercultural dialogue that the modern world requires. Students learn how to understand a foreign society by developing ethnographic skills, which facilitate experiencing a place from an insider's perspective. The students share their immersion experience over a range of topics from economics and health care, to language and culture– through the people of Cagli.


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