Story by Dan Paholski

Dottore Sergio Castellucci may be retired, but he isn’t slowing down. After spending more than 30 years as a urologist in Cagli, Italy, and performing more than 20,000 operations, the doctor set aside his medical equipment and picked up a tennis racket, trowel, and hiking gear.

Dottore Castellucci is a recognizable figure in town; he spent many years working at the local hospital, and his title and name are clearly emblazoned on the front gate of his home in New Cagli. When he comes to the piazza, people greet him and stop to chat.

“Everyone in town knows me, so when neighbors or friends have questions or need help, they just come by,” he says.

Now the Dottore and his wife Maria spend quality time with their children -- Gabriel and Christiana -- and grandchildren. His son and grandchildren live in Florida, so he welcomes their visits. He also tends the lush garden hiding within the walls around his home; twisting vines spill over latticework and vibrantly colored flowers spring from the ground. It is peaceful. He relaxes by taking a dip in his pool on long summer days, playing music or reading a good book. He walks the dog, Bach, around the neighborhood and plays doubles tennis a couple of days a week with friends.

As a member of an avid hiker’s group, Dottore Castellucci looks forward to a trek in the Apennine Mountains this summer with his companions. On a nice evening, he can be found chatting with friends in the piazza in Old Cagli.

Dottore Castellucci’s choice of profession may be starting a family tradition. He proudly says his daughter is a nurse, and her son is about to start his first year of medical school. When he speaks of his family’s successes and career paths, a big smile brightens his face.

Since he began practicing in 1972, Dottore Castellucci’s devotion to the Cagli community has created strong ties between him and the people of Cagli. Born and raised in this city, Dottore Castellucci began working in 1963 as an assistant for a local clinic. His boss was a “major source of encouragement” for him, he says. Soon after Dottore Castellucci started, he grew inspired to take classes in medicine. During his coursework, he discovered “a strong passion for medicine” and went on to complete his medical studies in Rome and Bologna. He continued to work with the clinic in Cagli throughout his schooling.

Home has always been Cagli for Dottore Castellucci, and he was able to complete his university degree while living part-time in Cagli through a flexible program no longer available to today’s students. He expresses disappointment that students are no longer able to remain rooted to their communities while completing their educations.

Dottore Castellucci is retired from his job but not his relationships with the people here. His house, a walk across the bridge and a climb up the hill in New Cagli, has a panoramic view of the old walled city.

From his youth to retirement, Dottore Castellucci’s has stayed connected to Cagli. “Spending time with family and friends is how my time is spent now, but I’m still here for the community,” he says.

Portrait of Dottore Castellucci

Dottore Sergio Castellucci stands outside his home.

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