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Bradley Basker

Bradley Basker is an aspiring journalist and travel enthusiast. He has a Masters of Liberal Arts in International Studies from the University of St.Thomas in Houston, TX, and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Public Relations, Spanish Minor, from Sam Houston State University. He furthered his studies with Gonzaga University as part of the professional certification program in International Media and Communication. While completing the certification he will continue to write for his travel blog at, and will continue working abroad. He loves Jesus, guitar, and a good cup of joe.

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Bonnie Brandes

Bonnie Brandes. Originally from San Antonio, Texas Bonnie currently resides in Seattle, Washington.  Bonnie is working toward her Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga University.  She received her B.B.A., majoring in Finance and Business Economics and Japanese, from the University of Notre Dame.  She currently works at Microsoft in Business Governance. Her passions in life include travel, spending quality time with family and friends, and college sports. In Bonnie's own words, "Cagli has given me the ability to immerse myself in a different culture for a few weeks and I look forward to applying the priceless lessons I have learned to my personal and professional life.”

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Teresa Carpine

Theresa Carpine. A native of Spokane, Washington, Theresa Carpine recently completed her first year of graduate studies in Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Western Washington University in 2006 and worked as a web writer in Bellingham, Washington for three years. She is a contributor for Ladies of Craft Beer and Spokane CDA Woman Magazine. Theresa enjoys running outside, drinking craft beer, and playing pub trivia.

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Jessica Fresques

Jessica Fresques is from Layton, Utah. She received her BA in Mass Communication – News Editorial from the University of Utah (U of U) in Salt Lake City.  After Graduating from the U of U she worked for The Boeing Company as a data processor for three and a half years. She decided to return to school as a full-time student and moved to Spokane, Washington. She is currently studying Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. She works as a Graduate Assistant for Dr. Crandall and is the Communication Coordinator for the Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media.  Upon completion of her master’s degree she looks forward to finding a job in corporate communication. 

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Laura Hutchinson

Laura Hutchinson graduated from California State University San Marcos with a BA in Communication in 2009.  After working in the non-profit industry for two years, she decided to continue her education in communication studies.  In 2011 she was accepted into the Communication and Leadership Studies program at Gonzaga University.  The program has given her greater skills to have a successful career in the non-profit and entrepreneurship fields. She has worked for both local and international non-profits in addition to owning her own special event company in San Diego, CA.  She plans to use the Cagli experience to positively influence both her personal and professional life.

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Ron Irwin

Ron Irwin holds a Bachelors degree in English from Drury University in Springfield, MO. He is currently completing an M.A. in Communication Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Ron has a background in journalism, public affairs and marketing. His favorite part of visiting Cagli was the opportunity to engage in a cultural exchange and expand his own horizons. He wants his two daughters, Tayler and Josephine to seek out global perspective, and embrace all cultures. As such he feels it is important to set the example for them. He feels the Cagli Project was a great chance to do that.

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Janay Johnson

Janay Johnson is a San Francisco native. She completed her undergraduate degree at Gonzaga University in broadcast journalism in 2009. She currently works in a student position for Office of Mine Safety & Health Research (OMSHR) as a video editor. After she finishes her master degree she plans to move to Pittsburgh, PA for a permanent position in OMSHR.

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Marty Lane

Marty Lane holds an undergraduate degree in art and business administration from Eastern New Mexico University and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University. She is an instructor in the art department at Eastern New Mexico University in Ruidoso and maintains a studio behind her home where she paints and offers summer workshops. Her experiences in the Cagli project this summer and the COML program in Rome/Florence last summer provide her a broader perspective of the world and a deeper appreciation of differences; she is excited about infusing these takeaways into the classroom back home.

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Sarah Matz

Sarah Matz is working toward her Master of Arts degree in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga University.  She graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2001 and has worked in the government and political communication field for more than a decade.  She lived in Washington, D.C. for 10 years and currently resides in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas.

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Heather Mickley

Heather Mickley currently resides in Oklahoma City with her son, Orin and Shih Tzu puppy, Louie. She holds a B.A. in Journalism specializing in Broadcast and Electronic Media from the University to of Oklahoma. Heather is working to earn her master’s degree in Communication and Leadership program from Gonzaga University. Her hobbies include, knitting with Grandma, singing Elvis songs, and arguing politics with her boyfriend Kyle.

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Sherri Peterson

Sherri Peterson was born and raised in Spokane, Washington and is happy to call it home. She loves that Spokane enables her to own a home while pursuing her passion for world travel. Sherri earned her BA in Marketing and Human Resource Management and is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University.  She is excited to continue developing outreach and training opportunities. When not working or travelling Sherri, loves to spend time with family and friends. 

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Laura Snyder

Laura Snyder recently relocated from Geneva, Illinois to Spokane, Washington to study within Gonzaga University’s Communication and Leadership Studies program. Laura earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University in Organizational and Multicultural Communication with concentrations in Psychology and Sociology. As a graduate student, Laura is focusing on International Corporate Communication, and was recently awarded one of two Intercultural Fellowships through Gonzaga University. Upon graduation in May 2013, Laura plans to relocate overseas with her young son, Aidan.

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Lisa Staudinger

Lisa Staudinger is a technical editor at a national laboratory pursuing a Master's Degree in Communication and Leadership Studies through Gonzaga University Online. Her Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Buffalo is in History with a minor in Italian language and culture. Lisa is ecstatic to be part of Gonzaga’s International and Intercultural Communication program in beautiful Cagli, Italy. She wants to put the cultural competency afforded by the Cagli program to work forging a stronger, more connected community and greater understanding on our ever-shrinking planet. Her passions are gardening, Zumba, and outdoor activities.  She lives in southeastern Washington with her husband, two teenaged sons, and a clowder of cats.

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Mary Stover

Mary Stover, a native of western Washington, currently works and resides in Washington wine country with her dog, Crab. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Theatre from Eastern Washington University; she is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts degree through Gonzaga University’s Communication and Leadership program. She was recently awarded one of two Intercultural Fellowship awards. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a PhD so she can teach Shakespeare and Intercultural Communication at the collegiate level. With her deep love of travel and coffee, she has thoroughly enjoyed the faces, sights, treats and tastes of Italy.

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Whitney Stradley

Whitney Stradley is working towards her Master of Arts degree in Communications and Leadership at Gonzaga University. She graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Gonzaga University. She is an Organization and Transformation Solutions consultant at a global business and IT consulting company. She enjoys reading, travel and pilates. While living in Cagli, she was grateful for being embraced by such amazing and welcoming people.

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Mackensie Yates

Mackenzie Yates was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. She graduated from Eastern Washington University and is currently working on her Masters in Communication and Leadership Studies. Mackenzie loves traveling and has embraced the Cagli experience.  She looks forward to marrying her best friend, Joshua Grant, this September.

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