Piazza Reflections

 Life in the Piazza – 9:30-10:00 p.m.

          A crescent moon hangs overhead lighting the piazza.  The cooling night air stirs a gentle breeze as motor scooters circle the fountain, young men astride cruising by.  Conversations fill the evening air, lively and animated, as these locals enjoy yet another evening in their beloved Cagli. 

          Chimes ring as the roman numerals of the clock tower cast a warm glow.  Propped against the door of the Caffee d’Italia, three young men banter.  Elbow propped against the entry door, the young Italian’s skin glimmers in the moonlight.  A slight smile fills his face and his hands talk and tell the story.  The others follow along, nodding and gesturing the same, their voices talking over each other with enthusiasm.   Laughter erupts at the story’s punch line and the men shift their position for another story to be told. 

          Fiats and velos zip and zag their way through the town square, but the conversations persist, uninterrupted by this or any other sounds on the piazza.   Talk is tonight’s dessert. Talk with familiar faces and new found acquaintances.  Nods, smiles, hand gestures, and laughter are the ingredients of tonight’s delectables.  How divine to enjoy alongside them.   


By Lisa Hagen

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