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Entrepreneurial Spirit in Cagli

By Lynsey Genson Twenty-six year old Elisabetta Panico owns a clothing boutique on the ancient piazza in Cagli, Italy.  Determined to stay close to her family, she worked in the store for three years before a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and government incentives allowed her to become one [...]

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Built on a Foundation of Trust

by Julie Ngov “When you are Italian, you are never really independent.” Familial obligation is an Italian tradition emphasizes Elena Luchini, co-owner of the Ristorante Bar Guazza di Luchini. Elena and her brother, Lorenzo, inherited the business from their parents. The Luchini family has owned [...]

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Wine Everyday

By Caitlin Chaffee            It is almost six o’clock in the evening. This is the time for wine and good conversation with friends at Alimentare Cafe. As constant as the river flowing through this small town, a small group of older men come together each day around this time to discuss [...]

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Making a Living in Cagli

Ristorante Guazza sits on the border between old and new Cagli in a 200-year-old building that once housed stables. Dark wooden tables with white table linen and sparkling glassware now fill the space where diners sit and enjoy generous portions of home-made pasta and delicately fried squash blossom[...]

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Seeing Cagli Through the Lens of Tai Chi

by Carrie Root Eight pair of bare feet skim across the damp grass of the monastery lawn, unleashing the smell of mint and awakening the senses. Friends greet each other with hugs and kisses on the cheeks as birds chirp cheerfully from nearby trees. The air cracks with the clanging of the monastery b[...]

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Growing Up Teen in Cagli

Story by Lisa Hagen Bzzzzzzzzzzzz. The Piaggio velo zips by as the young rider bounces and sways along the narrow and rugged cobblestone street.  Her wavy brown hair dances in the wind beneath a pale pink helmet.  Three more scooters whiz by at nearly full throttle.  Their converse sneakers touch[...]

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Strength in Unity

by Monica Jennings At any moment in Cagli, Italy, one may be greeted with a genuine smile that nourishes the soul.  From the cafes and bars lining the city’s center to the small shops and markets peeking between homes and office buildings of the narrow streets, the faces of the Cagliese are joyou[...]

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Food to go in Cagli

by Jennifer Brookes In a time when many residents of Cagli, Italy, look outside the city for employment, Michele Marinelli, a 24 year old entrepreneur, found opportunity inside the city’s ancient walls.  He purchased La Mezzaluna, a modest café, in the beginning of 2009. Proving great things com[...]

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Old Cagli Moves Toward the Digital Future

By Joan Stack In a world where our lives pass at light-speed, there are still places where people mark the passage of time by the ringing of bells in the clock tower.  Cagli, an ancient city in the Le Marche region of Italy, is one such place. Local people from multiple generations agree.  “Not [...]

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Melissa the Barista

By Millie S. Liu There are very few female baristas in Italy. There are few inter-ethnic Italians. Cagli has both. At 20 years old, she is one of the few successful baristas in her profession and fell into it by accident after answering a job posting. Her barista lessons began at 16. She exudes ener[...]