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Bruno Nucci: Art & Imagination Nurtured by Nature

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by

Bruno Nucci works with fire to create a unique wearable metal element. Photo by Stefanie Burger/Gonzaga in Cagli.

Just off the cozy piazza in Cagli, Italy, sits a true gem. Nestled between Pizzeria La Focaccia and Banca Marche is Krysos Gioielli (gold jewelry), a shop filled with so much beauty that King Midas himself would think he was in heaven. Just beyond the displays of precious jewels is a workshop of imagination where Bruno Nucci creates his handmade jewelry.

Bruno grew up in Cagli where he attended art school before traveling to Florence for advanced education. While studying in Florence, he discovered a passion for metalworking and began creating art with gold and precious metals. For a brief period, Bruno traveled throughout Italy, studying and apprenticing in jewelry and metal work in cities such as Rome before returning to Cagli and opening Krysos Gioielli in 1989.

For nearly 25 years, Bruno has been creating exquisiteexex and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, completely by hand. The storefront display in his shop is immaculate and visually inviting. Behind a small glass window is a room where design photos are stacked on top of a large safe. Chisels and hammers are strewn about on a workbench, and blowtorches are stored safely in their holsters. This is the space where moments of inception become moments of artistic mastery.

Two machines within the shop are rarely used. Bruno and his son, Alessandro, do most of the work by hand. Foils, chains, pendants, rings. Details are chiseled, stamped and smoothed. To maximize their rich resources, the duo recycles the precious metals removed during the creative process. Anything from stone slivers to metal dust and fragments are collected and used in future projects.

Bruno is inspired by the land, the creatures that occupy it, and the natural splendor that each detail of the seasons conveys throughout the Marche region. He claims that he works only six days a week, but each Sunday, on his day off, he takes walks throughout the surrounding area with his wife, Katia. On these walks he finds inspiration for his next masterpiece. As he finds beauty in the details, he finds another way to immortalize the inimitable nature within the Marche region of Italy.

His focal points are not always what a typical jeweler would consider regal or beautiful, yet each piece within the collection is visually breathtaking. The beetle, invasive and dark within its natural habitat, shines brightly in the jewelry cases. The golden creature illuminates the storefront with stunning details in sky blue. The movement of the golden beetle mirrors its natural traits, folding where vertebrae would bend.“I love creating original pieces from my imagination, things that others cannot create and that people cannot find anywhere but in Cagli,”

Bruno uses each piece to tell a story by allowing customers to see the world through his eyes and imagination. His quality is high, and his Italian artistry is traditionally mind blowing. Filled with creations that pay special homage to the distinctive attributes of Cagli life, the cases of Bruno’s shop line the walls. They include delicate lighting and lush displays. Krysos jewelry is available exclusively in Cagli and attracts visitors from Germany, Holland, and around the world.

Bruno says that he loves his work. “I love creating original pieces from my imagination, things that others cannot create and that people cannot find anywhere but in Cagli,” he says.

The glory of Krysos has not come without challenge. In 2006, an explosion in a nearby building left Bruno – his body and his business – in need of much repair. The time after the explosion is a testament to the passion and dedication Bruno and his family feel for the business that serves as their livelihood. After only one month, a forever-scarred Bruno returned to work in a temporary, tent-like area, and his love for his own talent has continued to grow.

Even after Bruno retires, the store’s future will remain bright. Over the years, Alessandro has watched his father’s artistry and has developed his own love for the business that he will eventually take over. Together, this father and son will continue to create wearable masterpieces for years to come.

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