Right of Way

lakeby Pam Lake

It is clear that motorized vehicles have the right of way in Cagli. This practice is unlike the United States where it is the law that people have the right-of-way when on the road. My first fear after my arrival was of being run over as by a wheeled vehicle. Car, motorcycle, bicycles all seem to pose a threat to bodily harm.

The small streets of Cagli are barely wide enough for a car and person to stand side by side. I quickly learned to be on the look out for coming vehicles. In my journeys I quickly discovered that it is essential to stay close to the buildings and be ready to quickly duck into doorways when these wheeled beasts approach.

pams photo When on foot the people of Cagli are kind and thoughtful. When behind the wheel they become aggressive and irritable. When pedestrians cause them to delay they behave as if they are angry and exasperated. They mutter words of irritation, roll their eyes, and make hand gestures.

Why does this feel so different than in the United States? In the United States it is the law to give pedestrians the right of way. If there was no law, would people dart their cars in the path of pedestrians?

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