Lost Luggage

caudleby Jennifer Caudle

While standing in line at the lost luggage desk, an Italian man pushed his way past me and began speaking to the person who was helping me. The airport employee would not deal with him and told him to get back in line. A few minutes later the Italian man starts yelling at the airport employee. This employee ignored the man and kept working. Ignoring the man only made him more angry. He began banging his fist on the desk and screaming. The employees ignored him more. He screamed louder and a crowd of people started yelling with him. A high level employee came out to speak to him. The mob grew louder as she spoke. Finally, an officer with a automatic weapon laying on his chest joined the woman. However, the level of shouting never changed and the employees behind the desk just kept working–not bothered by the commotion. I on the other hand was very concerned with shouting,
banging and guns drawn. Yet, quite quickly, the Italian man and mob just walked off. Just like nothing ever happened. I have no idea what the problem was, but it was unnerving to me. If this happened in the States, the police probably would have arrested the man. However, he just walked away and everyone went on as normal.

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