People Wearing Wreaths

doraby Kata Dora

I already have been to Italy once, but at that time I did not have the chance to see Urbino. There was a huge excitement for me to see Urbino, even though I had to wake up super early to be able to catch the public transportation bus from Cagli.

Upon arriving to Urbino, the eloquence of the architecture immediately caught my eyes. I felt like I was entering a medieval city from the future, just to be able to walk into the past. After taking a walk around the perimeter of the city with Gavin for an hour, we finally got back to the Piazza (main square of Urbino). Due to not being able to eat breakfast before leaving from Cagli, we were very hungry after the walk, so we decided to sit down and eat something at a place called Dolce Vita. The food was very delicious, and the waiter was very kind to explain in English-Italian the different types of food items that they were serving. Shortly after we were finished choosing our lunch, my attention was caught by a group of people. A lot of people stood in groups in front of the fountain at the Piazza and another group of people were taking photos of them. Though the majority of the people were dressed casually, with maybe a nice shirt, there were a couple of people who were wearing wreaths on their head that were made of leaves.

At first I thought that it is a low scale, traditional style of wedding in Italy, where the bride, groom and their relatives wear wreaths to differentiate themselves from the rest of the people. I could not quite comprehend why there was no big fuss. No one was wearing the superbly fancy, typical white dress and other fancy cloths. I thought that’s fine, maybe the people did not want to make a huge fuss about the ceremony. About an hour after this event Gavin and I were finished eating our meals and, we moved across of the street, where we met with our group. It was only then when I got to know from Giovanni, that actually what I had seen was not a low scale wedding ceremony, but it was a celebration for those people who just graduated from a school in Urbino on that day.

I thought it was a very pretty tradition. I really appreciated that I could witness such a great way of celebrating the graduation of the people.

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