An Evening in the Piazza – Jennifer Brookes

Evening in the Piazza2As evening ascends upon Cagli, the sun concedes its dominance to the rising moon. Natives flock to the Piazza while voices,with no meaning, rise and fall like a symphony with an imaginary conductor. One set of voices rises dramatically with emotions then cascades down as a new set of voices rise into the air.

Cars slowly drive by as occupants crane their necks looking for familiar faces or excitement. Eventually, cars continue down the narrow streets barely missing pedestrians moving toward their destinations. Following the cars, narrow streets separating tall buildings hugging against each other, extend out of the village blending into the untouched country side. Evening at the Piazza 3

The light fades casting long shadows marking the official end of the day. A playful breeze blows across cafe patrons promising a mild and comfortable evening. The peace of the moment is shattered when a glass falls from a nearby table. Nervous laughter rings out following the broken glass.

Across the street a bell patiently awaits its turn to join the village routine, silently counting the minutes to inform the people, “it’s time to move on…it’s time to move on.”

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