Life at the Piazza

Kata J. Dora

Assignment #1

Moist and wet air, filled with a mixture of smoky and tomato smell that could come right from one of the restaurant’s kitchen or from a home where they are cooking. Ding, dong, dong, the city hall’s bell interrupts the mixed noises. Again ding, dong, dong, from a temple nearby shakes up the silence.

There are some who sit around the center of the piazza, others stand around in circles and talk, but mostly it is the flowing noise of water in the fountain that could be heard. The bell rings, ding, dong, dong, but everyone from Cagli seems to ignore it and continue with their pausa.

While the birds are eagerly playing tag around the city hall and above the piazza, people with their motorcycles enjoying their marry-go-round around the fountain. Others still just sit at the cafeteria and relax by gazing towards the fountain.

The elderly, as of a sign of keeping the tradition, merely sit in a line at the side of the city hall, just like birds sit on the electric cable line and daydream or talk with the others. The air becomes more moist. Lie the alarm that tries to shake you up from your dream, the bell again rings majestically ding, dong, dong while people exit from the near-by church.

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