Millie’s Evening in the Piazza

Each street branches from the outer skirts of the city to the center like veins and arteries leading to the heart. The sound of cars and motorcycles purr over small talk in an ancient tongue. The cigarette fumes become too distracting to keep up with the conversations. People of all ages gossip, sip beer and smoke while watching the piazza’s live theatre. It is the center of the city and the center of their lives.

Everyday is a new version of the same show. The audience sits along the outer skirts of the piazza surrounding parked cars, the props. The stories are of the lives of the most important people in the only world that some have known for generations. Old friends meet to hear new news or watch the characters run in and out of shops. The bells of the Duomo chime in the next 15 minute scene.

Cars vacating the center of life as the sun sets and moves along the cobblestone . People walk up and down the streets branching to each intricate piece of life and end the daily story. The next scene is night life.

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