Day at the Piazza

By: Pamela Lake

Golden retriever at Piazza

Golden retriever at Piazza

The clock from the city building struck; four chimes and one ding-dong.  What a lazy summer day on the piazza.  In the background the sound of water filling from the fountain could be heard.  Silver, black, and blue cars pulled into the parking lot what a sound of put-put-put.  The high pitch sound of motor scooters interrupted the calm flow.

From the caffe silverware chimed and dishes clanked.  Italian voices flowed.  A high pitched buzzing sound could be heard.  Was that auto racing on the television?  A video game perhaps?  No, it was a soccer game on the Italian television.

The clock struck 4:30 with four chimes and 2 ding-dongs.  Friends, couples, and families strolled together.  They arrived on foot andy by wheel.  They looked in the shop windows and tried the doors only to be disappointed.  A woman laughed.  A man lit a cigarette.  The smell of smoke filtered into the air.

A man with a golden retriever entered the caffe.  The dog posed for photographs.  Was the man requesting chocolates in return?  The American sudent responded, “no capisco.”  The clock struck again; four chimes and three ding-dongs.

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