Gian Luca Caselli (Seven): A Different Kind of Businessman

story and photos by Jessica Stauffer

Nestled in the hills of the Le Marche region of Italy resides the picturesque, ancient town of Cagli. Just around the corner from the lively main piazza is Caffe del Corso, a place where many Cagliese come to relax and socialize. Seven pours a roundThe cafe is owned by a Cagli native who goes by the name “Seven,” which is a nickname handed down from his father who was one of seven children. Seven has a passion for people, and his zest for life is evident as he greets each customer by name and delivers service with a smile.

Cagli has several cafes, so in an attempt to set his apart, Seven strives to build a relationship with his customers. Seven relies on his magnetic personality to build a relationship with his customers. “I always try to laugh and have fun,” he says. People come from surrounding towns because they enjoy Seven and the atmosphere he creates at Caffe del Corso.

Seven was born and raised in Cagli, where he plans to live forever. He appreciates its beauty, tranquility, and safety. He also likes that he knows most people in town. He says he takes it one day at a time. As a bachelor with no children, he enjoys the delight and freedom of each day. 

When he isn’t working at the café, Seven enjoys soccer. He grew up playing the sport on the local Cagli team and still plays on a team with several regulars from the café. Occasionally, he can be seen kicking around a soccer ball in the street next to his café. In his off time, Seven enjoys relaxing in Cagli’s piazza, visiting beaches in nearby Fano or Pesaro, and taking part in Cagli’s many festivals.

Caffe del Corso has two sides -- one a dimly lit nightspot, the other an espresso-and-panini café. Seven manages both with gusto. Although quite busy, he doesn’t appear stressed and always has time for a smile. He clearly takes pride in running his business and making drinks to order. He enjoys owning and running Caffe del Corso as evidenced by his hospitable attitude.I always try to laugh and have fun

Prior to buying the business four years ago, Seven planned to visit America because he wants to learn about American culture. His impressions come from what he sees on television, and he views it as a nation more advanced in technology and government. He is curious to learn if his perceptions match reality. Seven enjoys playing American music at his café, especially hip-hop groups such as the Black Eyed Peas.

Seven says he enjoys the café so much that he doesn’t consider it work but a chance to socialize with customers.